3DWASH – ​Cleaning Agent for your 3D Print

​Committed to environmental protection and work safety

​3DWASH​ is a user friendly, safe and eco friendly cleaning agent which has been optimized for the removal of all common alkali-soluble support materials such as used with Stratasys® 3D printers.


3DWASH ​has an excellent performance to solve 3D printed soluble support materials!*4


3DWASH ​3DWASH is safe in handling due to lower PH value! *1,2

environmentally friendly

3DWASH ​is environmentally friendly and can usually be used without neutralization in the sewage! *3


3DWASH ​protects fine model structures of your valuable 3D print!


3DWASH ​is lower priced than other competitive products on the market! *6


3DWASH ​works with common soluble support materials for professional 3D printing! *4

​3DWASH ​ has an excellent performance to solve 3D printed support materials at moderate PH value!


3DWASH is packaged in user-friendly and safe dosage sachets or bulk box with dosing bucket. Simply enter the appropriate number of bag contents or dosing buckets into the system and start the cleaning process: 

Dosage: One bag or dosing bucket of 180g 3DWASH is for 7.5 liters of water.

With a pH level of 10.5 3DWASH is designed to be both user and environmentally friendly, no gloves, goggles or other personal protective equipment are needed to operate 3DWASH. After reaching its saturation with a pH of ~9.0 the solution usually can go down the drain with no additional dilution or neutralization. However, we recommend rinsing with the same amount of water as the solution used.

3DWASH has the best solution time at temperatures of >65 ° C. In addition, the solution must be in motion, so that the model is well-washed. An additional ultrasonic bath can accelerate the process. Excessive temperatures can damage the pressure model. At temperatures below 65 ° C the dissolution process takes considerably longer! 

3DWASH only works with alkali-soluble support materials only.

For informations regarding usage and security of our products pease refer to ourdownload area


  • One sachet of 180 g per 7.5 liters of water. Pay attention to correct dosage! *2
  • Always pour water first into the tank, then add 3DWASH 
  • Temperature range:  65° - 85°
  • The cleaning system should circulate. Ultrasound is also advantageous
  • After the cleaning process, the solution can usually be poured into the drain with no additional
    dilution or neutralization 3 due to the harmless PH value *3


3DWASH is a user friendly, safe and eco friendly cleaning agent which has been optimized for the removal of all common alkali-soluble support materials such as used with Stratasys® or Arburg® 3D printers. 

3DWASH is packaged in user-friendly, pre-measured sachets and available in boxes containing 24 sachets, 180g each or buckets of 2,88kg for 120 liters. Larger packages are available upon request.


3DWASH s packaged in 24 safe-to-dose "Portion bags" of 180 g each for 7.5 liters of water. 


We also supply containers with 2.88kg for 120 liters of water. This corresponds to 16 sachets à 180g.


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